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    Ancient recipes
    of the Roman tradition


    Gelato is among Italy’s main icons.
    All our raw materials are carefully selected in all those italian areas where rural communities have preserved the ancient plantations. Transmitting traditions requires passion, patience, precision.
    Land and tradition are our starting points, this is our landmark.

    Our first quality ingredients

    Toritto Almond (Slow-Food-Presidium). Place of origin: Toritto (Bari – Apulia)
    Calabria D.O.P Liquorice. Place of origin: Corigliano Calabro (Cosenza – Calabria)
    Cafona di Rotondella Apricot. Place of origin: Rotondella (Matera – Basilicata)
    Tardivo di Ciaculli Tangerine (Slow-Food-Presidium). Place of origin: Ciaculli (Palermo – Sicily)
    Milk and Cream from Lazio.
    Sorrento Walnut. Place of origin: (Naples – Campania)
    Corylus Avellana Hazelnut. Place of origin: Avella (Avellino – Campania)
    Rosa di Pisticci Fig. Place of origin: Pisticci and Policoro (Matera – Basilicata)
    Signora della Valle del Sinni Pear (Slow-Food-Presidium). Place of origin: Rotondella (Matera – Basilicata)
    Meliga Biscuit(Slow-Food-Presidium). Place of origin: Monregalese (Cuneo – Piedmont)
    Egina Pistachio Nut. Place of origin: Egina, Greece
    Kensington Pride Mango. Place of origin: Fiumifreddo di Sicilia (Catania – Sicily)
    Il Cioccolato di Roma made after with the ancient recipe of the Trappist monks. Place of origin: (Frattocchie – Rome)


    We also make the artisanal Roman “Grattachecca with just two ingredients: ice and syrup.
    The term Grattachecca comes from “grattare” (to grate) and from “checca”, so was called the piece of ice used to keep food and beverage cold in ancient times. The main ingredient of Grattachecca is finely grated ice with syrups or pieces of fresh fruit as a topping. The history of Grattachecca goes back to the beginning of XXth Century, this kind of street food was made in the typical Trastevere kiosks where the authentic homemade Grattachecca is still served, after a tradition transmitted from father to son.

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