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    Our partner PANELLA
    since 1929 in the heart of Rome


    Throughout the decades the PANELLA Family has combined the ancient recipes of the Roman and Italian tradition producing more than 70 different types of bread and being one of the first to offer gluten-free products more than 30 years ago.

    In the recent years a group of experienced HO.RE.CA. entrepreneurs has been supporting the family in the development of a wider business format, still inspired by genuine Roman and Italian recipes including homemade pasta, pizza, croissants, tarts, supplì and arancine (deep fried stuffed rice balls) and wide range of cocktail-wine bar.

    Ancient recipes of the Italian and Roman traditio.

    We don’t just want our customers to pursue the product but we want them to enjoy the experience that goes with it.   PANELLA meets this goal through a storytelling that shows what goes on behind the scenes: the source and handling of the raw materials, the production process, the history of the founders and their experience and dedication to bakery technique.

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